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Support Diversity In Forest Hills Schools


Purchase protect diversity t-shirts through Big Frog.


In support of continued work around Diversity: The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center 

In support of future THS student learning, the new outdoor learning spaces.

Fair Districts

  • Join the 18,000+ Ohioans who have written to members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission urging them to draw fair maps. 

  • Contact your Ohio senators and representatives calling on them to draw fair maps. Start writing at The Action Network to send your letting now. 

  • Go to the Ohio Redistricting Commission website to learn more.

Once the Ohio Redistricting Commission announces their next meeting, there will be an opportunity to provide written and in-person testimony. Whether or not you are able to travel to Columbus to speak in person, we encourage you to submit written testimony. Testimony that focuses on keeping communities together in your county can be very helpful. Trevor Martin is available to help with maps for testifying. His email is ohfairdistricts@commoncause.org.

Also check out the Ohio Citizen Redistricting Commission’s unity maps.

Mapping Competition Winning Maps
Full Tax Refund for Campaign Contributions

Did you know that Ohio will give you a full refund of any donation you make to candidates of a certain state office? You just ask for it on line 8 of the Ohio Schedule of Credits when you file your Ohio income tax return for the year.

To qualify for this credit, you must have contributed money to the campaign committee of any one of the following Ohio offices: Governor or Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Auditor of State, Treasurer of State,  Attorney General, Chief Justice or Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, Ohio Board of Education, Ohio Senate, Ohio House of Representatives  


The credit equals the amount contributed during the tax year up to $50 per return, or $100 if you are filing a joint return. Contributions to local candidates (such as city or county officials) or federal candidates (such as President or U.S. Senator or Congress) do not qualify for this credit. See R.C. 5747.29.